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Gift Cards !

Our car wash gift cards are the easiest way to give friends, family and coworkers the gift of driving home in a clean vehicle.

We’re Environmentally Friendly!

Dry steam is the solution for saving water and enviromentallly friendly car washing.

Interior Detailing !

Even if we love how shiny and clean our car’s exterior look, we spend much more time inside. This involves cleaning all interior surfaces from the dash, passing by the carpets all the way to the trunk.

Exterior Detailing !

This includes washing, waxing and protecting all the exterior parts of your vehicle, including: Decontamination & Paint Protection via Clay Bar, Wax or Sealants.

Who We Are?

We are in the business of providing the highest quality services and complete customer satisfaction. Our car washing and detailing specialists take great pride in our services and appreciate that while you value your vehicles, you might not have time to have them cleaned or detailed. AG Auto Detailing offers an excellent service at very competitive rates.

Our inovative car wash and car detailing company is and always will be putting quality above all. Quality for your car and quality for our environment, for we at AG Auto Detailing use steam powerd machines for less usage of chemichal products and water!

Our trained AG Auto Detailing technicians work methodically and efficiently with the help of steam to clean all the hard to reach places most carwashes just can’t and to ensure maximum cleanliness with minimal time spent so you don’t have to pay outrageous detailing prices for a detailing job.

You love your car, don't you? Than allow us to take care of it, give it a complete make-over or just a quick clean-up.

Eco Friendly

We save over 100 liters of water per carwash compared to traditional car washing methods using highly efficient steam cleaning technology.


Our team of highly passionate staff pays attention to every detail of your car and makes sure it's as clean as you need it.


Our timed service delivery enables you to have your car, when you need it, without any delay.


We pride ourselves in a team of highly professional staff, spanning 4 years and above of service.

Our Services

You love your car, don't you? Than allow us to take care of it, give it a complete make-over or just a quick clean-up.

Vehicle Hand Wash

Your car’s paint is one the most prominent part of your vehicles, yet it is also one of the most fragile. Exterior detailing isn’t just about washing your car, it’s also about removing embedded contaminants.

Upholstery Cleaning

This can include dedicated upholstery shampoo extractors to make stubborn carpet stains disappear or steam machines to pull out years of dirt, dust, and oil out of textile/leather seats.


Cleaner waxes will both wax and polish your vehicle. Once your car has been washed, a cleaner wax product will both polish and wax the outer surfaces.

Tar Removal

Bugs, sap and tar can build up on your car and bite into the paint, leaving unsightly marks and affecting visibility.

Odor Elimination

To get your ride in top shape for a road trip, keep its resale price high, and all sorts of other goals, you’ll need an odor-free cabin.

Engine Cleaning

If you look at your car engine you will start to notice a few critical factors that actually make car engine cleaning and detailing safer and easier than ever.

Wheel Cleaning

We offer custom wheel cleaning & hand tire shine services.

Valet Service

With great attention to detail we thoroughly vacuum your whole car, trunk included, and then move onto a highly effective, dry steam-cleaning, great for all forms of upholstery, door jams, seat cushions, windows, between seats and dashboard surfaces.

Your One-Stop Place For Your Detailing Needs

Ready to get your vehicle detailed to make it shine again? Call us now at 61 06 73 564 23+ or Book an Appointment


Booking an appointment is super easy! Either you're looking to visit our locations or wish us to come to your place - just give us a call at

61 06 73 564 23+

or request a callback to set an

Appointment !


ECO Mobile Detailing is a leading company on the detailing market. Our detailing toolbox consists of years of priceless experience, professionally trained staff, top of the line ECO products and a pure wish to deliver quality. We apply each of listed above to every vehicle we work with without any exceptions.


Our promise is simple: "We're not happy until you are" ! And we take it very seriously: none of our customers have ever left us disappointed. We pride to be the company that makes the difference people can see.

Our Awesome Team

Our inovative car wash and car detailing company is and always will be putting quality above all.



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Cups of Coffee


Happy Customers


“ Mijn auto blonk als nooit te voren, ook de zetels kregen ze terug volledig proper! Super bedankt voor de goede service. ”

Lot Vdg
Platinum user

“ Heel blij met het resultaat!! Ik zal zeker terug komen. ”

Lusiana Ionete
Black Diamond User

“ Recomand cu mare incredere , preturi foarte bune , rezultate peste masura asteptarilor ! ”

Alin Gabriel
Black Diamond User

“ They are 💯% pro and what I can say they made my day with the cleaning of my car. Never was so clean thx guys . I will recommend you to all my friends. People must know you. ”

BuRa CuTz
Black Diamond User

“ Great Job in cleaning the car inside out. They delivered it to me as a brand new car. Staff are very kind, professionals and hospitable. Would definitely recommend him for my friends and family. And was a wonderful experience. ”

Black Diamond User

“ Alex is nothing short of a miracle worker. I literally made a same day appointment, short notice, and gave him a super short window to work with because of my schedule. He was professional, punctual, and made short work of my super dirty mini SUV-I'm talking dog hair, dirt/sand/dust, stains, the works. He made my interior look like NEW. I couldn't believe what an amazing job he did in under two hours, PLUS he washed the exterior!! He is an absolute GEM and I don't think you can find anyone else in the area who can do this kind of magic on your car for his fees. In comparison, he is absolutely affordable, and truly worth it. Thank you!!! ”

Radu Maciuc
Black Diamond User

“ I just picked up my new Tesla Model 3 about 3 weeks ago and decided to have it detailed and protected from the elements after seeing how much dust and dirt it was collecting already. Seeing all the great reviews Alex has been getting, I decided to give it a try and TLDR, totally worth it! Alex was extremely detailed with his work and finished in less than 2 hours. Communication was top notch too, he replied to all of my questions and concerns before the day of the appointment. At the end, my car now actually looks better than the day I picked it up from the lot! ”

Dan-Andrei Zbughin
Black Diamond User

“ My second time using AG Auto Detailing and it certainly will not be my last. Alex is very good communicating time schedule and even better is the quality of work he provides. Once again, my car looks brand new both inside and outside. I am more than pleased ”

Liviu Andrei
Black Diamond User

“ Alex did an ABSOLUTELY AMAZING job with restoring my Prius to her original glory! He put such care into her, it was like she was an exotic car! I would highly recommend AG Auto Detailing for your exterior and interior car needs! They truly spent hours cleaning the inside and outside, even steam cleaned the carpets! Alex is professional, friendly and quick to respond! I would definitely use them again! Thank you!!! ”

Seba Miron
Black Diamond User

“ Had my car detailed from this company and they did a great job. Professional and the car looked great after they were done.Just used this company again for another car.This time the car they had to work on has never been detailed in over 6 years. Once again, they did a fantastic job!!!!! ”

Bethany S.
Black Diamond User
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